2017.07.18 Fearlessly Teaching the Dharma 說法無畏 具四無礙
2017.07.17 Diligently Practice and Protect the Buddha-Dharma 勤修行道宣護佛法
2017.07.14 Manifesting the Appearance of Deviant Views 示現邪見方便度眾
2017.07.13 Ridding Craving to Purify Buddha-Lands 少欲去貪 淨己佛土
2017.07.12 Bodhisattvas Manifesting as Hearers 內秘菩薩 外現聲聞
2017.07.11 Living Unhindered and Undefiled Among People 處眾無礙入塵不染
2017.07.10 Buddha-Children Learn Skillful Means Well 佛子所行善學方便
2017.07.07 Treasure Bright His Kalpa, Pure Kindness His Land 劫名寶明國名善淨
2017.07.06 Infinite Merit and Virtue Dignifies and Perfects 無量功德莊嚴成就
2017.07.05 A Straightforward Mind and Deep Faith 直心深信證四無礙
2017.07.04 The Two Pure Foods that Benefit Wisdom-Life 二種淨食資益慧命
2017.07.03 Diligent Practice of the Three Flawless Studies 至念宏遠 勤修三學
2017.06.30 Where There Are No Evil Realms 人天交接 無諸惡道
2017.06.29 Fully Attaining the Boundless Fruits 深遠因緣無量果滿
2017.06.28 Benefiting Others to Purify Our Own Buddha-Land 利他願行嚴淨佛土
2017.06.27 Diligently Transforming and Benefiting All Beings 常勤精進饒益眾生
2017.06.26 Foremost in Teaching the Dharma 滿慈願力 說法第一
2017.06.23 Helping the Buddha to Promote the Teachings 助宣佛化 廣度眾生
2017.06.22 Concealing the True, Manifesting the Provisional 隱實揚權饒益有情
2017.06.21 The Awakening in the Depths of the Heart 內證深因得四無礙
2017.06.20 The Distant Causes of the Promotion of Dharma 今日助宣實遠有因
2017.06.19 Purna Diligently Helps to Promote the Dharma 滿慈精勤助宣佛法
2017.06.16 Concealing the Great and Manifesting the Small 隱大顯小助宣佛化
2017.06.15 The Original Intent Deep in Our Hearts 深心本願眾德深固
2017.06.14 Teaching the Dharma According to Capabilities 隨根說法 拔眾貪著
2017.06.13 Showing Reverence and Respect Through Our Conduct 讚佛希有 身行敬禮
2017.06.12 Comprehending the Great Path with Pure Joy 體解大道心淨踴躍
2017.06.09 Predictions of Buddhahood are Given in Sequence 聲聞機異前後受記
2017.06.08 Cultivating Calm Contemplation to Enter Pure Bodhi 靜思惟修 入淨菩提
2017.06.07 The Enlightened One Taught the Lotus Sutra 無上正等當說法華
2017.06.06 Guiding Them to Enter the Buddha-Wisdom 既知是息引入佛慧
2017.06.05 The Three Vehicles are Skillful Means 方便說三一乘真實
2017.06.02 Gathering the Hearers to Teach the One Vehicle 集諸聲聞為說一乘
2017.06.01 Bodhisattvas Guide People to a Good Place 菩薩大悲引至善處
2017.05.31 The Guiding Teacher Leads Us through Danger 導師領眾避難過險
2017.05.30 Keep Advancing after the Conjured City 但至化城仍需精進
2017.05.29 Wealth Enriches a House as Virtue Enriches a Body 富潤屋德潤身
2017.05.26 The Guiding Teacher Will Show Us the Way 導師識途在險濟眾
2017.05.25 Causes and Conditions for the Lotus Sutra 以本因緣今說法華
2017.05.24 With Affinities, We Are Always with Our Teacher 聞法結緣常與師俱
2017.05.23 The Dharma-children Pass on the Dharma-lineage 法子傳燈續法脈
2017.05.22 Teaching the Great with Perfect Enlightenment 同乘正覺說大乘法
2017.05.19 Vow to Attain the Buddha's Supreme Wisdom-Eyes 願得佛智慧眼第一
2017.05.18 Supreme Perfect Enlightenment 無上等覺受眾人請
2017.05.17 Asking the Buddha to Turn the Dharma-Wheel 世尊難值願佛轉法
2017.05.16 Reflecting on Our Own Body 法無遠近尋思自體
2017.05.15 The Extremely Profound and Wondrous Dharma 妙法甚深重述再三
2017.05.12 The Place of Treasures is Close By 化城非實寶處在近
2017.05.11 Our Mind of Wisdom Abides Peacefully in Patience 慧心安忍信解真實
2017.05.10 Drawing Near the Wisdom of the Buddha 出於三界漸近佛慧
2017.05.09 Practicing Among People to Eliminate Afflictions 以法入群消除煩惱
2017.05.08 Cherishing Our Affinities with the Dharma 人身難得珍惜法緣
2017.05.05 Crossing the Dangerous Path 惡道險難應去應度
2017.05.04 Coming and Going Freely on the Right Path 來去自如直向正道
2017.05.03 Giving Rise to Thoughts of Having Been Delivered 前入化城生已度想
2017.05.02 Reaching the Land of Treasures 化城非實能通寶所
2017.05.01 Helping Sentient Beings Be in Virtuous Places 說種種法置之善處
2017.04.28 Our Search for the Precious Treasure 珍寶難求將欲棄捨
2017.04.27 With Lax Aspirations, One Wishes to Retreat 初心懈怠 半途欲退
2017.04.26 Guiding People toward Safety and Stability 心定念正 導人安穩
2017.04.25 Attachment to Craving Leads to a Dangerous Road 樂著欲愛險難惡道
2017.04.24 Attaining the Dharma in Accord with Conditions 隨境會法理事融會
2017.04.21 Liberation from All Ignorance and Disturbances 度諸無明境不擾心
2017.04.20 The One Vehicle True Dharma Transports All Beings 一乘實法運載眾生
2017.04.19 Upholding Our Vows and Following the Path 守志奉道其道甚大
2017.04.18 Abiding in the Great Vehicle, Entering the Path 常住大乘漸入佛道
2017.04.17 After Long Permeation, Clarity about Past Seeds 久漸熏習夙因不昧
2017.04.14 Causes of Past Lives Allow Us to Listen to Dharma 種宿因聞大法
2017.04.13 Delivering Oneself and Others 以智自度以悲度他
2017.04.12 Buddha-Virtues Nourish the Ten Directions 佛德浩大潤澤十方
2017.04.11 Following Affinities to Guide and Transform 遠劫結緣隨緣度化
2017.04.10 Polishing Our Mirror on the Path of Enlightenment 勤拭圓鏡得大覺道
2017.04.07 Faith and Persistence to Practice the One Vehicle 能信恆持奉行一乘
2017.04.06 Deep Roots of Faithful Acceptance 信受根深得遇佛
2017.04.05 Upholding Vows and Practicing with Roots of Faith 信根深固願行受持
2017.04.04 Causes and Conditions to Benefit Self and Others 內因外緣自利利他
2017.04.03 Revealing the Teachings Brings Benefit and Joy 示教利喜勸發大心
2017.03.31 Lighting the Mind's Light to Continue Wisdom-Life 傳心燈續慧命
2017.03.30 The Buddha Entering Samadhi Led to Affinities 佛入靜室結緣近由
2017.03.29 The Buddha Taught the Sutra Without Resting 佛說是經未曾休廢
2017.03.28 The True Wisdom of the One Vehicle 實智一乘信心領受
2017.03.27 Accepting and Comprehending the Great Vehicle 遵受佛命領悟大乘
2017.03.24 The Buddha Knows Our Deepest Thoughts 深心所念佛自證知
2017.03.23 Practicing Diligently With Innocence and Purity 童真純潔殷勤精進
2017.03.22 Acting in Accord with Our Undefiled Nature 稱性無染持淨戒
2017.03.21 Cultivate Positive Conditions and Right Causes 深修善緣正因法
2017.03.20 The Three Insights and Eight Liberations 三明六通具八解脫
2017.03.17 Liberation From Bonds Brings the Mind Freedom 解縛得脫心自在
2017.03.16 Breaking the Twelve Links of Cyclic Existence 滅十二緣證寂滅樂
2017.03.15 Causes and Conditions Lead to Accumulation 因緣牽引苦事相集
2017.03.14 The Arising and Ceasing of Causes and Conditions 根塵和合因緣生滅
2017.03.13 The Dharma of the 12 Links of Cyclic Existence 四念處及因緣法
2017.03.10 Observing the Great Vehicle to Reveal Wisdom 正觀大乘障轉慧開
2017.03.09 The Three Turnings and the Four Noble Truths 三轉法輪苦集滅道
2017.03.08 Never Leave the Buddha's Side 不離佛邊不離一念
2017.03.07 Striking the Dharma-Drum to Deliver the Drowning 擊法鼓度沉溺
2017.03.06 Abiding by the Good and Giving with Great Love 遵善行施大愛
2017.03.03 The Way and the True Principles Lie in Our Hearts 道在人心諦理本具
2017.03.02 Accomplish Good Causes to Grow Fruits of Wisdom 成就善因增福慧果
2017.03.01 Penetrating the Tathagata-garbha 入如來藏開甘露門