2016.11.09 Following the Buddhas in Their Practice 隨佛所行漸具大道
2016.11.08 The Perfect Blessings and Virtues of the Wise 依報共修圓滿福德
2016.11.07 Bestowing Predictions on Born of Emptiness 因解空寂授證空生
2016.11.04 Engaging in Purifying Practices 常修梵行得成為佛
2016.11.03 Resonating with the Buddha's Wisdom 契佛智慧蒙佛授記
2016.11.02 Fearful and Worried Before Being Called 未得唱名心懷憂懼
2016.11.01 The Four Great Hearers Receive Predictions 四大聲聞得佛授記
2016.10.31 Resolving to Seek the Fruit of Buddhahood 長劫循道志求佛果
2016.10.28 The Buddha's Great Heroism and Strength 大雄大力長劫精修
2016.10.27 Eliminate Samsara, Attain Supreme Enlightenment 滅生死苦得無上覺
2016.10.26 Waiting for the Buddha to Bestow Predictions 發菩薩願待佛授記
2016.10.25 Help the Seeds of Buddhahood Flourish 大心聲聞紹隆佛種
2016.10.24 The Blessings and Wisdom of our Final Incarnation 無漏福慧為最後身
2016.10.21 Wishing to Attain Predictions of Buddhahood 一心誠慇 祈望受記
2016.10.20 The World-Honored One's Dignified Buddha-Land 光明世尊 佛土莊嚴
2016.10.19 Practicing and Upholding the Great Vehicle Sutras 奉持諸佛大事經典
2016.10.18 Practice the Paramitas with the Truth of Suffering 契苦諦 行六度
2016.10.17 Purity of the Threefold Karma Brings Joy 三業清淨 見者歡喜
2016.10.14 Purifying Practices for Attaining Buddhahood 淨修梵行當得作佛
2016.10.13 The Cause of Our Practice Is Diligence 因行精勤不惹魔事
2016.10.12 A Wondrous, Pure Mind Unhindered by Maras 深妙心淨無有魔障
2016.10.11 The Land of Radiant Virtue Is Clear and Pure 光德國土周遍清淨
2016.10.10 When Minds Are Pure, the Land Is Pure 隨其心淨則國土淨
2016.10.07 Accumulating Superior Causes from the Dharma 內積勝因外託勝緣
2016.10.06 Cultivating and Upholding Myriad Practices 修持萬行福慧具足
2016.10.05 Widely Proclaiming the Infinite Great Dharma 廣宣諸佛無量大法
2016.10.04 Receiving Predictions of Buddhahood 二乘領解得佛授記
2016.10.03 Buddhahood through Practicing and Learning 漸漸修學悉當成佛
2016.09.30 The Provisional and the True are Not Two 權實不二入於佛道
2016.09.29 The Dharma Nourishes the Flowers of Humankind 潤於人華各得成實
2016.09.28 In Still Contemplation We Understand All Dharma 住靜思惟通達諸法
2016.09.27 Hearers and Solitary Realizers Enter Gradually 聲聞緣覺漸入一乘
2016.09.26 Listen to the Dharma to Attain the Fruit and Grow 聞法得果各得增長
2016.09.23 The Dharma is Suitable for All Capabilities 法一機異契立心願
2016.09.22 The Tathagata's Ambrosial Dew 如來甘露唯一無二
2016.09.21 The Dharma is Given Equally to All 說法平等一心無差
2016.09.20 The Buddha Teaches All Equally 佛平等說稟潤各殊
2016.09.19 Abiding in Spiritual Powers Never to Retreat 安住神通轉不退輪
2016.09.16 The Certainty of Attaining Buddhahood 自知作佛決定無疑
2016.09.15 The Great Medicinal Plants 行精進定是上藥草
2016.09.14 The Dharma of Flawless Wisdom 善知無漏三明六通
2016.09.13 Realizations Differ According to Capabilities 隨其根力所證各異
2016.09.12 The Dharma-Rain Falls Equally for All 平等法雨終無懈倦
2016.09.09 Teaching the Dharma to Transform Sentient Beings 說法度生終不疲厭
2016.09.08 Teaching the Dharma to All Equally 恆為一切平等說法
2016.09.07 The Ambrosial Dew of Pure Dharma 一音演暢甘露淨法
2016.09.06 The Buddha's Virtue is Perfect and Complete 佛德圓滿無上大覺
2016.09.05 The Dharma Fully Nourishes All Parched Minds 充潤枯槁令眾得樂
2016.09.02 The World-Transcending Path 開示演說出世之道
2016.09.01 For All Beings, He Proclaimed the Dharma 為諸眾生演說諸法
2016.08.31 All Natures Are Nourished as One 性分大小所潤是一
2016.08.30 The One Rain Reaches and Freshly Nourishes All 一雨所及皆得鮮澤
2016.08.29 Dharma-Water Nourishes Us in Our Own Measure 一相一味隨分受潤
2016.08.26 All Are Equally Nourished by the Dharma-Rain 法雨普澤證入真如
2016.08.25 The Dharma Cools the Raging Skandhas 五陰盛苦聞法清涼
2016.08.24 Refreshed in the Shade from the Heat of the Sun 日光揜蔽地上清涼
2016.08.23 The Cloud of Wisdom Covers All Universally 慧雲含潤遍覆一切
2016.08.22 The Dharma Was Not Quickly Expounded 了知因緣不務速說
2016.08.19 The Dharma-King Manifests in the World 破有法王出現世間
2016.08.18 The Buddha's Compassion and Earnestness 佛慈慇切引眾開解
2016.08.17 A Mind of Wisdom Peacefully Abides in the Dharma 慧心安忍護惜眾生
2016.08.16 Ultimate Nirvana is Tranquil Extinction 究竟涅槃常寂滅相
2016.08.15 Sentient Beings' Appearance, Essence, Nature 種相體性佛如實知
2016.08.12 Infinite Teachings for Varied Capabilities 根性利鈍說法無量
2016.08.11 The Dharma Rain Moistens Universally 法雨普霑隨器成就
2016.08.10 Joyfully Transforming Sentient Beings 恆度眾生樂善利
2016.08.09 The Five Vehicles Each Enters the Dharma 五乘各入法中
2016.08.08 Upholding Precepts for Future Lifetimes 聞法持戒後生善處
2016.08.05 Conditions for Teaching the Five Vehicles 觀機說五乘
2016.08.04 Hearing Buddha's Voice throughout the Three Realms 佛音遍聞於三界
2016.08.03 Understanding the Threefold Karma 體解三業 隨智慧行
2016.08.02 The Four Great Vows Leading to Nirvana 四弘誓願 得佛涅槃
2016.08.01 The Ten Epithets of the Tathagata 如來十號
2016.07.29 Accumulating Merits and Cultivating Blessings 修功立德 滋潤福利
2016.07.28 The Tathagata Appears Like a Cloud Arising 如來出世 如大雲起
2016.07.27 Rainfall Nourishes All Things Equally 雨無差別 隨分受潤
2016.07.26 The Dharma-rain Nourishes Universally 法雨普潤饒益各殊
2016.07.25 Dharma Rain Falls, Benefiting Sentient Beings 澍法雨利眾生
2016.07.22 The Buddha Was Like the Great Medicine-King 佛如醫王 善用法藥
2016.07.21 The Mysteries of the Body, Speech and Mind 身口意密 慈悲應化
2016.07.20 Be Grateful for the Grace of the Five Elements 五大之恩 天地之德
2016.07.19 The Buddha's Virtue Is Vast and Infinite 佛德浩瀚說難盡
2016.07.18 Unobstructed Faith and Understanding 深心信解 通達無礙
2016.07.15 True Principles Are Boundless, Hard to Measure 諦理無涯 信解難量
2016.07.14 The Four Unobstructed Wisdoms Deliver All 四無礙智 善說度眾
2016.07.13 All Buddhas Have Boundless Merits and Virtues 諸佛功德無盡藏
2016.07.12 Review and Take the Dharma to Heart Flawlessly 回顧四品 入心無漏
2016.07.11 The Parable of the Medicinal Plants 藥草喻品 普被群機
2016.07.08 We Return to the One Vehicle with Faith 信歸一乘 契佛心懷
2016.07.07 Grateful for the Past, We Make Vows for the Future 懷恩過去 立願未來
2016.07.06 Transforming with the Four Siddhantas 隨時化度四悉檀
2016.07.05 Uphold the Dharma to Transform Sentient Beings 總持善法 化導眾生
2016.07.04 Letting Go of Self to Unite with Others 捨己同他 互融無礙
2016.07.01 Upholding the Teachings and Respecting the Dharma 承教尊法報佛恩
2016.06.30 Only Offerings of Dharma Can Repay the Buddha 唯法供養 方報佛恩
2016.06.29 Repaying the Buddha's Immense Grace 恆河沙劫 報佛宏恩
2016.06.28 The Buddha's Unmatched and Boundless Grace 佛恩浩瀚 無可言報
2016.06.27 The Buddha's Grace Is as Deep as the Ocean 佛恩深如海
2016.06.24 Unifying Minds and Actions 心行合一 自當作佛
2016.06.23 Treating Unwholesomeness with Purifying Practice 清淨梵行 對治不善