2018.01.17 The Conditions Behind the Stupa of Treasures 啟佛答曰 寶塔因緣
2018.01.16 Sentient Beings Hope to Resolve Doubts 古今佛會 眾望解疑
2018.01.15 The Three Wonders of the Stupa of Treasures 寶塔上涌 三事稀有
2018.01.12 Our Enlightened Nature of True Suchness 含識同具 真如覺性
2018.01.11 Teaching with Impartial Wisdom平等大慧 教菩薩法
2018.01.10 Revealing What Is True and Not False 花開蓮現 顯實不虛
2018.01.09 Banners and Canopies of Seven Treasures 七寶旛蓋 高至天宮
2018.01.08 The Wondrous Sound Pervades the World 寶鈴妙音 香遍世界
2018.01.05 The Stupa Emerges to Reveal the Buddha-nature 寶塔涌出 示顯佛性
2018.01.04 Revealing Initial Enlightenment 開顯始覺 如來藏性
2018.01.03 The Chapter on Seeing the Stupa of Treasures 見寶塔品 古佛示現
2018.01.02 Opening up the Provisional to Reveal the True 會三歸一 開權顯實
2018.01.01 Diligently Engage in the Four Practices 四修精勤 因圓果滿
2017.12.29 Draw Near the Dharma and Never Deviate from It 親法不離 修因證果
2017.12.28 The Dual Benefits of His Form and Voice 形聲二益 橫闊豎遠
2017.12.27 Completely Eliminating the Five Aggregates 滅盡五蘊 法空度生
2017.12.26 Exhorting People to Do All Good Deeds 勸修諸善 忍為急務
2017.12.25 Understanding the Three Directives 明了三軌 廣為演說
2017.12.22 The Sutra Encompasses the Five Teachings 總記三乘 廣收五教
2017.12.21 Abandon Indolence to Uphold the Dharma 受持妙法 應捨懈怠
2017.12.20 Resonating with the Dharma to See the Buddha 與法契合 與佛同在
2017.12.19 The Buddha Transforms and Dispatches People 佛遣化人 集眾說法
2017.12.18 Abide in the Three Directives 安住三法 弘經不怠
2017.12.15 Upholding the Three Directive Benefits All 能行三法 利己利人
2017.12.14 Spreading the Sutra with the Three Directives 末世弘經 三軌法則
2017.12.13 Teaching the Dharma After the Tathagata Has Gone 如來滅後 云何應說
2017.12.12 Subtle, Wondrous, Vast and Boundless True Dharma 實相幽微 廣無邊涯
2017.12.11 Newly-Inspired Bodhisattvas Fear This Sutra 新學菩薩 聞經驚疑
2017.12.08 The Perfect Teachings of the Lotus Sutra 導歸究竟 直向正覺
2017.12.07 Opening the Door to the Ultimate Truth 開方便門 示真實相
2017.12.06 Practicing the Lotus Sutra to Approach Nirvana 修習法華 得近泥洹
2017.12.05 He Is Certain that Water Must Be Close 其心決定 知水必近
2017.12.04 Digging a Well on a High Plateau 高原鑿井 猶見乾土
2017.12.01 Teaching the Dharma Fearlessly 應病施藥 說法無畏
2017.11.30 Those who Have Faith are Close to the Path 是敬信人 去道甚近
2017.11.29 The Dharmakaya Is Wherever This Sutra Is 有是經處 即佛法身
2017.11.28 Aspirations Guide Our Intentions 志率氣 願引志
2017.11.27 With Firm Faith, We Abide With the Buddha 信道之篤 與佛同住
2017.11.24 All Buddhas Safeguard Those Upholding This Sutra 受持此經 諸佛護念
2017.11.23 Sentient Beings are Stubborn and Resentful 眾生剛強 多懷怨嫉
2017.11.22 The Secret Dharma Was Never Taught 祕要隱護 未曾顯說
2017.11.21 Believing and Understanding the Wondrous Dharma 此經妙法 難信難解
2017.11.20 The Lotus Sutra Is Foremost among All Sutras 諸經教法 法華第一
2017.11.17 Attaining Great Benefits from Hearing the Sutras 得聞妙經 欣獲大利
2017.11.16 Blessings from Praising and Upholding the Sutras 歎美持經 其福復過
2017.11.15 Slandering the Dharma Brings Severe Obstructions 護法利益 謗法障重
2017.11.14 Spreading the Dharma on Behalf of the Buddha 傳法度化 行於佛事
2017.11.13 Promote the Wondrous Sutra 愍眾生此 弘宣妙經
2017.11.10 Cultivating Blessings and Realizing Virtues 修持福德證一切智
2017.11.09 Offerings of Dharma Perfect Innate Enlightenment 以法供養 成就本覺
2017.11.08 Repaying the Buddha's Grace with Offerings 人中上供 以報佛恩
2017.11.07 Paying Respect to Those Who Uphold the Sutras 持經所至 應隨向禮
2017.11.06 We are Borne Upon the Shoulders of the Tathagata 聞持是經 如來荷擔
2017.11.03 Do Not Slander Those Learning the Dharma 毀訾學人 獲罪深重
2017.11.02 What Comes of Praise For or Slander of the Buddha 毀佛讚佛 罪福實重
2017.11.01 The Buddha's Emissaries Proclaim on His Behalf 為佛遣使 代佛弘宣
2017.10.31 Spreading the Sutras as the Buddha's Emissaries 善士弘經 如佛使者
2017.10.30 Reborn in the World to Expound the Lotus Sutra 生於惡世 廣演法華
2017.10.27 Widely Expounding the Wondrous Dharma 喜覺悲願 廣演妙法
2017.10.26 Illuminating with the Torch of Wisdom 智慧之炬 照破惑闇
2017.10.25 Spreading the Dharma with Impartial Compassion 平等慈愛 弘宣大乘
2017.10.24 Taking the Vow of Promoting the Sutras 憐念眾生 承願弘經
2017.10.23 Deep Causes of Compassion from Past Lives 先世因深 愍眾示現
2017.10.20 Making Offerings and Spreading the Lotus Sutra 供養諸佛 弘通法華
2017.10.19 Past Affinities and Intrinsic Nature Always Exist 昔緣不墜 理性常在
2017.10.18 The Smallest Seed Leads to Buddhahood 聞法隨喜 皆得佛記
2017.10.17 Diligently Protecting the Dharma 藥王菩薩 精進護法
2017.10.16 Dharma Teachers and the Source of the Dharma 標名法師 開顯法源
2017.10.13 The Torch of Wisdom Expels All Darkness 智慧之炬破諸闇
2017.10.12 A Genuine Mind Is a Place of Practice 直心為道場
2017.10.11 Safeguarding and Promoting Right Dharma 護持正法 誓願弘宣
2017.10.10 Right Dharma Illuminates the Darkness 弘宣正法 照生死闇
2017.10.09 Predictions for Those at and beyond Learning 學無學人 均蒙授記
2017.10.06 Making Offerings with Purity and Faith 法藏無量 專志精勤
2017.10.05 Single-mindedly Awaiting the Buddha's Teaching 一心觀佛 待說之誡
2017.10.04 The Eldest Son, Foremost in Secret Practice 密行第一 諸佛長子
2017.10.03 Manifesting as an Arhat, Secretly a Bodhisattva 外現羅漢 內密菩薩
2017.10.02 Forever a Buddha-Child 紹繼佛法 永為佛子
2017.09.29 Rahula's Prediction of Buddhahood 羅睺羅受記
2017.09.28 Practicing the Seven Factors of Enlightenment 七覺因行 寶華莊嚴
2017.09.27 Extensive Practice of the Seven Good Merits 廣修七善 蹈七寶華
2017.09.26 The Principles and Essence of True Suchness 真如理體 寰宇覺道
2017.09.25 Recalling Distant Causes from Past Lives 憶念宿命 遠因深緣
2017.09.22 Protecting and Upholding the Dharma-Treasury 護持法藏 深重之願
2017.09.21 Why Sakyamuni Buddha Attained the Path First 釋迦常勤 先得成道
2017.09.20 Ananda's Causes and Conditions 阿難因緣 持法不忘
2017.09.19 Ananda's Original Merits and Virtues 阿難護法 受記無量
2017.09.18 Uphold the Dharma-Treasury to Be Free from Bonds 守護法藏 通達無礙
2017.09.15 Planting the Roots of All Virtues 修因得果 植眾德本
2017.09.14 Creating Blessings and Accumulating Virtues 造福利人 行善積德
2017.09.13 Diligently Cultivating the Four Practices 至道永恆 不可測度
2017.09.12 Cultivate Causes and Attain Fruits 深心願力 修因得果
2017.09.11 Safeguarding the Seeds of Buddhahood 受持法藏 護佛種性
2017.09.08 Making Offerings, Protecting the Dharma-Treasury 供養諸佛 護持法藏
2017.09.07 The Ten Epithets of the Unsurpassed Tathagata 如來無上 十號具足
2017.09.06 Protect the Dharma-Treasury to Receive Predictions 護持法藏 得佛授記
2017.09.05 Receiving Predictions Bestowed by the Buddha 殊勝重親 蒙佛授記
2017.09.04 The Unease of Not Having Received Predictions 今未受記 心思未安
2017.09.01 Seeking the Buddha's Predictions of Buddhahood 勤修行者 願得佛記
2017.08.31 Awakening to Principles through Diligent Practice 勤進修 悟真理