2017.03.29 The Buddha Taught the Sutra Without Resting 佛說是經未曾休廢
2017.03.28 The True Wisdom of the One Vehicle 實智一乘信心領受
2017.03.27 Accepting and Comprehending the Great Vehicle 遵受佛命領悟大乘
2017.03.24 The Buddha Knows Our Deepest Thoughts 深心所念佛自證知
2017.03.23 Practicing Diligently With Innocence and Purity 童真純潔殷勤精進
2017.03.22 Acting in Accord with Our Undefiled Nature 稱性無染持淨戒
2017.03.21 Cultivate Positive Conditions and Right Causes 深修善緣正因法
2017.03.20 The Three Insights and Eight Liberations 三明六通具八解脫
2017.03.17 Liberation From Bonds Brings the Mind Freedom 解縛得脫心自在
2017.03.16 Breaking the Twelve Links of Cyclic Existence 滅十二緣證寂滅樂
2017.03.15 Causes and Conditions Lead to Accumulation 因緣牽引苦事相集
2017.03.14 The Arising and Ceasing of Causes and Conditions 根塵和合因緣生滅
2017.03.13 The Dharma of the 12 Links of Cyclic Existence 四念處及因緣法
2017.03.10 Observing the Great Vehicle to Reveal Wisdom 正觀大乘障轉慧開
2017.03.09 The Three Turnings and the Four Noble Truths 三轉法輪苦集滅道
2017.03.08 Never Leave the Buddha's Side 不離佛邊不離一念
2017.03.07 Striking the Dharma-Drum to Deliver the Drowning 擊法鼓度沉溺
2017.03.06 Abiding by the Good and Giving with Great Love 遵善行施大愛
2017.03.03 The Way and the True Principles Lie in Our Hearts 道在人心諦理本具
2017.03.02 Accomplish Good Causes to Grow Fruits of Wisdom 成就善因增福慧果
2017.03.01 Penetrating the Tathagata-garbha 入如來藏開甘露門
2017.02.28 Practicing Our Cause to Transform Sentient Beings 行因趣果隨緣化度
2017.02.27 Stop Evil to Escape the Prison of the Three Realms 教誡止惡出三界獄
2017.02.24 Seeking the Unmoving Source of Light 光源不移十方同向
2017.02.23 Upholding Precepts and Cultivating Blessings 守戒無染修善淨福
2017.02.22 Entreating the Buddha to Turn the Dharma-Wheel 十方梵王請轉法輪
2017.02.21 Create Blessed Conditions, Uphold Pure Precepts 造福緣持淨戒
2017.02.20 Turn the Dharma-Wheel to Liberate the Suffering 轉法輪度諸苦
2017.02.17 Rousing Us From the Long Night of Cyclic Existence 法鼓警醒生死長夜
2017.02.16 Bodhisattvas Bestow Happiness and Benefit 隨彼所需與樂饒益
2017.02.15 The Dharma-Rain Nourishes the Hungry and Weak 難得法雨潤飢虛
2017.02.14 Requesting the Turning of the Dharma-Wheel 至誠獻供請轉法輪
2017.02.13 Purifying the Mind to Seek the Dharma 修善持戒求法淨心
2017.02.10 Seeking Out the Ultimate Principle of Light 尋光究理聞大乘法
2017.02.09 Understand History to Transform Sentient Beings 史實相理度苦眾生
2017.02.08 The Buddha Appears to Be Sentient Beings' Eyes 佛出於世作眾生眼
2017.02.07 A World Honored-One Rarely Appears 世尊希有久遠一現
2017.02.06 Make the Four Great Vows To Deliver All Beings 四弘誓願度脫眾生
2017.02.03 Passing Countless Lands Without Ever Leaving 雖過萬土 不離當處
2017.02.02 Requesting the Dharma-Wheel Be Turned 梵天大悲請轉法輪
2017.02.01 The Buddhas’ Demeanor in Accepting a Request 諸佛受請之儀
2017.01.31 The Turning of the Wondrous Dharma-wheel 偈讚勸請 轉妙法輪
2017.01.30 Cultivate Flawless Seeds Through Flawed Fruit 借有漏果 作無漏因
2017.01.27 Speaking with Dharma, Acting with Principles 言有法行有則
2017.01.26 Revering the Bodhi-tree As If It Were the Buddha 敬樹如敬佛
2017.01.25 The Buddha Cultivates Contemplation in Clarity 清澄久坐靜思惟修
2017.01.24 The Buddha's Radiance, Great, Rare Enlightenment 佛出光明稀有大覺
2017.01.23 Seeing the Rare Light, He Urged them to Explore 見光稀有勸眾同求
2017.01.20 Great Enlightenment Illuminates Brahma Heaven 大覺光照梵 天
2017.01.19 Superior Light Illuminates the Universe 大光普照勝諸天光
2017.01.18 Radiant Wisdom Illuminates Dark and Evil Paths 幽冥惡道慧光悉照
2017.01.17 Turn the Six Consciousnesses Toward Goodness 六情諸根悉轉為善
2017.01.16 The Buddha Knows the Minds of Sentient Beings 佛知眾生心
2017.01.13 He Teaches the True Principles for the World 願為世間說諦理
2017.01.12 Widely Practicing Skillful Means Benefits People 廣行方便饒益有情
2017.01.11 Turning the Dharma-wheel to Crush Afflictions 佛轉法輪碾摧惑障
2017.01.10 Perfecting Our Practice with All Pure Virtues 因行圓滿萬德純淨
2017.01.09 Taming the Four Maras to Steadily Walk the Path 降伏四魔安隱成道
2017.01.06 Calm and Uncontriving in Ultimate Extinction 澹泊無為 究竟寂滅
2017.01.05 Repaying our Parents with the Dharma 以法增慧報親恩
2017.01.04 Making Reverent Offerings and Respectful Praise 供養恭敬尊重讚歎
2017.01.03 The Wisdom of Suchness 以如如智,契如如境
2017.01.02 Abandoning Precious Playthings and Going to Where the Buddha Is 捨諸珍玩往詣佛所
2016.12.30 Buddhas Share the Same Mind, Thoughts and Path 諸佛說法心思道同
2016.12.29 Attaining Realizations after Long Practice 久修證悟契悲運智
2016.12.28 All Time Is Inseparable from the Present Thought 古今不離當念
2016.12.27 Giving Rise to Compassion and Forming Great Vows 起悲思惟誓無量心
2016.12.26 The Unhindered Application of the Three Wisdoms 三智一心周遍無礙
2016.12.23 Attain Buddhahood with Unmoving Body and Mind 身心不動垂得佛智
2016.12.22 Destroying Mara's Army with Unhindered Wisdom 淨無礙智破魔軍
2016.12.21 The Great Unhindered Wisdom Superior Within Us 人皆本有大通智勝
2016.12.20 A Pure Mind Pervades the Three Periods 心性清淨徹照三際
2016.12.19 The Tathagata's Views are Like a Perfect Mirror 如來之見如大圓鏡
2016.12.16 Endless Dust Particles and Ceaseless Kalpas 微塵至盡點劫未休
2016.12.15 Cultivating the Seeds and Attaining the Fruit 修因得果劫國莊嚴
2016.12.14 Skillful Means to Sow the Seeds of the Path 蒙佛善巧播佛道種
2016.12.13 Extinguish Delusions and Cross over Samsara 滅三妄惑度二生死
2016.12.12 Reaching the Fruit of Enlightenment from the Seed 從因來果成正覺
2016.12.09 The Chapter on the Conjured City Explains the Past 化城喻品敘因緣
2016.12.08 The Awakening of Sharp and Dull Capabilities 根有利鈍 悟有前後
2016.12.07 Peaceful Patience Brings Clear Wisdom 安忍戒定 神智洞達
2016.12.06 Never Retreating from the Buddha's Wisdom 於佛智慧 皆不退轉
2016.12.05 Benefiting Self, Others to Become Bodhisattvas 自利利他 成就菩薩
2016.12.02 Cultivating the Foundation of All Virtues 正行精進 習眾德本
2016.12.01 Receiving Predictions after Uninterrupted Practice 修心無間 得佛授記
2016.11.30 Peacefully Enduring to Have Open and Clear Wisdom 安忍不動 神智豁達
2016.11.29 Cross to the Other Shore and Reach Enlightenment 度彼岸 登覺地
2016.11.28 Destroy Delusions to Attain Great Wisdom 破惑證真 得大智慧
2016.11.25 Venerable Maudgalyayana Receiving Predictions 授記目犍連尊者
2016.11.24 Eradicating Ignorance Dignifies the Land 斷除無明 莊嚴其國
2016.11.23 The Six Paramitas and the Fourfold Practice 六度四修 渡到彼岸
2016.11.22 The Fruition of Faultless Causal Practice 因中無過 果上無惡
2016.11.21 Serve All Buddhas and Walk the Bodhisattva-path 奉覲諸佛 具菩薩道
2016.11.18 Making Reverent Offerings with the Mind 虔誠供心奉事供養
2016.11.17 Serving All Buddhas in the Causal Ground 因中別行奉覲諸佛
2016.11.16 Making Respectful Offerings to All 敬行供養悉令周遍
2016.11.15 Spreading the Right Dharma 弘揚正法國界祥和
2016.11.14 Abiding in the Eight Liberations 三明六通住八解脫
2016.11.11 Bodhisattvas Bring Dignity and Purity to the Land 不退菩薩嚴淨國土
2016.11.10 Attaining Buddhahood in One's Final Incarnation 等覺後身成應身佛