2018.06.05 The Buddha's Recent Manifestation as Our Teacher 開近跡門 顯遠本地
2018.06.04 Upholding This Sutra Is Difficult 持經艱難 弘誓傳法
2018.06.01 Encouraging All to Uphold This Sutra 前明平等 今此勸持
2018.058.15 Eliminating Sentient Beings' Unwholesome Ways 除不善法 置之善處
2018.05.31 Recruiting People to Uphold and Spread the Dharma 回顧諸品 勸持流通
2018.05.30 The Two Sages Accept the Dragon Girl's Attainment 龍女成佛 二賢信受
2018.05.29 The Beings of Both Lands All Attained Benefits 彼此兩土 共蒙利益
2018.05.28 The Dragon Girl Transforms into a Man 因圓趨果 轉女成男
2018.05.25 The Dragon Girl Presents a Pearl to the Buddha 龍女獻珠 以智契理
2018.05.24 Overcoming the Five Hindrances 當厭女身 修大丈夫
2018.05.23 Wisdom Accumulated Is Freed of Doubts 龍女忽現智積無疑
2018.05.22 Diligently Practice to Be Free from Hindrances 女身五障 勤修解脫
2018.05.21 Eliminating the Appearances of the Ten Realms 明微妙法 泯十界相
2018.05.18 Confirming the Dragon Girl’s attaining Buddhahood 唯佛證知 龍女成佛
2018.05.17 The Dragon Girl Praises the Buddha's Wisdom 龍女忽現 讚佛實智
2018.05.16 Wisdom Accumulated Expressed Doubts 智積示疑 龍女速證
2018.05.15 Engaging in Ascetic Practices for Countless Kalpas 於無量劫 難行苦行
2018.05.14 Swift Realization With Faith as Our Foundation 以信為本 具德速證
2018.05.11 Suddenly Awakening in this Very Lifetime 依此勤修 一生頓證
2018.05.10 The Buddha-Nature Is Equal in All 一乘實法 微妙廣大
2018.05.09 All Teachings Return to the One Vehicle 弘揚諸權 終歸一乘
2018.05.08 Teaching the Lotus Sutra with Wisdom and Virtue 文殊智德 常宣法華
2018.05.07 Manjusri's Ocean of Wisdom Transforms Many 文殊慧海 所度無量
2018.05.04 Manjusri Never Discriminates Between Capacities 文殊善化 不擇根機
2018.05.03 The Meeting of Bodhisattvas at Vulture Peak 文殊智積靈山相會
2018.05.02 Our True Nature of Innate Enlightenment 借龍宮事顯本覺理
2018.05.01 Entrusting Manjusri to Get Many Treasures to Stay 佛託文殊 以留多寶
2018.04.30 The Method of the Intrinsic Had Yet to be Revealed 跡門事訖 本門未彰
2018.04.27 Rebirth in the Three Good Destinies 聞經信行 生三善處
2018.04.26 Having Faith in the Teachings without Doubt 淨心信教 不生疑惑
2018.04.25 Replete with the Three Kinds of Wisdom 三智具足 因行圓滿
2018.04.24 Bestowing Predictions of Becoming Heavenly King 受現前記 天王果相
2018.04.23 The World-Honored One's Great Impartial Wisdom 世尊大慧 等無怨親
2018.04.20 Bestowing Predictions of Buddhahood on Devadatta 授記達多 佛號天王
2018.04.19 The Buddha's Gratitude to Heaven-bestowed 正覺廣度 歸功天授
2018.04.18 Helping the Causes for Cultivating Conditions 助因修緣 益菩提道
2018.04.17 Seeking the Dharma for the Sake of Others 為眾求法 終致成佛
2018.04.16 Sentient Beings Enter the Path Differently 根性不同 入道有異
2018.04.13 Present Adversities Serve as a Warning 現逆警懼 令不生惡
2018.04.12 Tirelessly Pursuing the Wondrous Dharma 身心無倦 勤求妙法
2018.04.11 Resonating with the Path in a Rare Encounter 感應道交 希世之遇
2018.04.10 Toiling Throughout Many Kalpas to Seek the Dharma 多劫勤苦 為奴求法
2018.04.09 Unstintingly Giving Up His Own Life 精勤六度 不惜軀命
2018.04.06 Inspiring People to Diligently Seek the Dharma 佛引本事 勸勵諸人
2018.04.05 Practicing Patience Throughout Past Kalpas 歷劫修忍 勤求妙法
2018.04.04 All Conditions Fortify Our Spiritual Aspirations 順逆善惡 益固道心
2018.04.03 Upholding What Is Difficult to Uphold 難持能持 諸佛歡喜
2018.04.02 Gathering People to Spread the Sutra 募持經人 弘宣廣化
2018.03.30 Upholding this Sutra is Upholding the Dharmakaya 能持此經 則持佛身
2018.03.29 The True Principles Accord with Our Nature 理實稱性 信願合一
2018.03.28 The Path That Is Beyond Words 身行為證 離言之道
2018.03.27 Upholding the Sutra with Tireless Diligence 擔負乾草 入火不燒
2018.03.26 Inspiring Us to Practice to Overcome Hardships 手把虛空 持地升天
2018.03.23 Making Great Vows to Spread This Sutra 弘經實難 當發大願
2018.03.22 Liberation Through the Fivefold Dharmakaya 五分法身 覺照解脫
2018.03.21 Upholding This Sutra Is Truly Difficult 持經實難 宜發大願
2018.03.20 Making Offerings to the Three Buddhas 能護此經 即供三佛
2018.03.19 Promoting the Sutra with Sincerity and Reverence 虔敬弘經 供養三佛
2018.03.16 Making Great Vows to Practice the Bodhisattva-path 發弘誓願 菩薩因行
2018.03.15 Understanding the Intent of the Three Buddhas 三佛咸集 應知其意
2018.03.14 Promoting the Sutra in the Era of Dharma-decay 末世弘經 當發大願
2018.03.13 The Fragrance of the Buddha's Virtue 眾生蒙熏 喜不自勝
2018.03.12 Fearlessly Traversing a Dangerous and Evil Path 歷險惡道 雖難不懼
2018.03.09 They All Gathered So That the Dharma Would Abide 為法久住 故集於此
2018.03.08 Advising the Assembly to Spread the Dharma 勸眾弘法 如佛本願
2018.03.07 The Past Buddha Never Forgot His Original Vow 古佛入滅 本願不忘
2018.03.06 Entrusting the Lotus Sutra to Those Present 欲以法華 付囑有在
2018.03.05 Seeking People to Spread the Dharma 普告大眾 為法求人
2018.03.02 Receiving the Assembly in the Empty Air 佛以神力 令眾住空
2018.03.01 The Past and Present Buddha Abide in the Stupa 古今二佛 安住塔中
2018.02.28 Many Treasures Shared the Throne 多寶分座 法身不二
2018.02.27 The Entire Assembly Sees Many Treasures Buddha 一切眾會 見多寶佛
2018.02.26 Many Treasures Buddha's Stupa Opens 如來按指 寶塔門開
2018.02.23 The Moon is Reflected in All Bodies of Water 普應群機 若月臨水
2018.02.22 All Phenomena are of One Nature 諸法一性 萬相一如
2018.02.21 The Multiple Manifestations Pay Their Respects 分身遣使 問訊世尊
2018.02.20 Buddhas Manifest Infinite Worlds in One Thought 諸佛一念 示現無量
2018.02.19 Transforming the Mind into a Pure Buddha-land 回心向大 立變淨土
2018.02.16 Pure and Defiled Lands Are All Buddha-lands 淨穢等土 皆稱佛國
2018.02.15 Eliminating All Kings of Mountains 煩惱斷盡 無諸山王
2018.02.14 The Dharmakaya is the True and Ultimate Reality 寶相之境 法身所依
2018.02.13 Defilement and Purity Come From the Same Source 娑婆染淨 一體同源
2018.02.12 Thrice Transforming the Pure Lands for All Buddhas 三變淨土 容盡諸佛
2018.02.09 The Entire Inexhaustible Dharma – Treasury Is Within 無盡法藏 盡在此中
2018.02.08 The Buddha's Manifestations Gathered Together 分身來集 遍滿其中
2018.02.07 His Manifestations Had Yet to Take Their Seats 一方分身 坐猶未盡
2018.02.06 The Three Transformations of the Lands 為集分身 三變土田
2018.02.05 Sitting Peacefully in the Lotus Position 結跏趺坐 安穩不動
2018.02.02 The Five Stages of Patience as the Throne 寶樹莊嚴 五忍為座
2018.02.01 Only Those in the Assembly Remained 唯留會眾 移諸天人
2018.01.31 Seeing All Appearances as Pure 心境一如 諸相皆無
2018.01.30 Transforming the Land to Receive His Guests 變土迎賓 華藏淨界
2018.01.29 The Appearance of Radiating Light 
光相所照 莊嚴說法
2018.01.26 The Buddha's Wisdom is Profound and Broad 分化無量 佛智深廣
2018.01.25 Gathering Multiple Manifestations to See the Truth 欲集分身 必變穢土
2018.01.24 Gathering the Many Manifestations of the Buddha 集分身佛 攝應歸法
2018.01.23 Great Joyful Eloquence's Request for Dharma 樂說請願 遇見古佛
2018.01.22 The Vow the Ancient Buddha Made in a Past Life 古佛宿願 涌塔作證
2018.01.19 Guarding and Retaining the Wondrous Dharma 古今佛同 護念妙法
2018.01.18 Many Treasures Buddha's Land, Treasure Purity 國名寶淨 佛號多寶