2018.10.22 Emerging from the Ground, Abiding in Space 從地涌出 虛空中住
2018.10.19 The Ground Split Open to Reveal the Intrinsic 地皆震裂 開跡顯本
2018.10.18 Disciples in the Saha World Must Spread the Dharma 娑婆弟子 應弘佛法
2018.10.17 The Buddha Stopped Bodhisattvas from Other Lands 他方請願 佛即止之
2018.10.16 The Bodhisattvas Petition to Spread the Sutra 他方菩薩 請願弘經
2018.10.15 Beginning the Chapter on Emerging from the Ground 總安樂行 啟涌出品
2018.10.12 Turning the Dharma-Wheel 成無上道 而轉法輪
2018.10.11 Dreaming of Wondrous Things 修四安樂 夢感妙相
2018.10.10 Infinite Meanings Return to One Reality 無量之義會歸一實
2018.10.09 A Dream of Attaining Predictions of Buddhahood 夢見妙事 得佛授記
2018.10.08 The Appearance of Fruition in Dreams 夢中果相 勝妙之事
2018.10.05 Sentient Beings Take Joy in Seeing Them 眾生樂見 如慕賢聖
2018.10.04 Safeguarding the Right Dharma 守護正法 方便增廣
2018.10.03 Seek Liberation and Battle with All Maras 欲求解脫 與諸魔戰
2018.10.02 Bodhisattvas Practice All That Is Difficult 菩薩勇健 能行難事
2018.10.01 Constantly Practicing Patience and Empathy for All 常行忍辱 哀愍一切
2018.09.28 Giving Away the Pearl He Had Guarded for So Long 久護明珠 今乃與之
2018.09.27 Attain the Wisdom of All Dharma 修持此經至一切智
2018.09.26 Battling the Maras with Great Accomplishments 與魔共戰有大功勳
2018.09.25 The Pearl as an Analogy for the True Principles 髻喻權教 珠喻實理
2018.09.24 Bestowing the Wealth of Teachings and Nirvana 賜以法財 又與涅槃
2018.09.21 Attaining the Land of the Dharma 靜思惟修 得法國土
2018.09.20 The Pearl in the King's Topknot 髻中明珠 不即與之
2018.09.19 Taking Joy in Accomplishments 有功歡喜 隨功賞賜
2018.09.18 The Wheel-Turning King's Might Subdues the Maras 轉輪聖王 威勢伏魔
2018.09.17 Exercise Compassion and Spread the Dharma 運慈悲力 弘宣妙法
2018.09.14 The Four Kinds of Dharma Treasures 四種法寶 教理行果
2018.09.13 Vow to Deliver All Sentient Beings 第四安樂 誓願度生
2018.09.12 Not to Seek the Dharma Diligently Is a Great Loss 不求精進 是謂大失
2018.09.11 Upholding the Sutra during Dharma-Degeneration 末法持經 生大慈悲
2018.09.10 Manjusri's Wisdom and Sakyamuni's Compassion 文殊秉慧 世尊悲愍
2018.09.07 Widely Exercising Great Compassion 廣運大悲 忍辱救護
2018.09.06 Distancing Ourselves from Severe Obstructions 三途八難 惡業重障
2018.09.05 The Three Directives for Spreading the Sutra 三軌弘經 四安樂行
2018.09.04 Teaching the Dharma Impartially 平等說法 以順法故
2018.09.03 Deep Aspirations for the Path to Enlightenment 深心覺道 悲智願行
2018.08.31 Do Not Trouble the Three Vehicle Practitioners 勿惱三乘 令其疑悔
2018.08.30 Not Harboring Hatred or Jealousy 勿懷憎嫉 修意安樂
2018.08.29 Practice Bringing Peace and Joy with Speech 如是修行 口安樂行
2018.08.28 Teaching the Dharma with Loving-Kindness 離諸障礙 慈心說法
2018.08.27 Engaging in Calm Concentration and Contemplation 靜慮思惟 防心離過
2018.08.24 Eliminating the Obstruction of Delusion 惑障除盡 離垢清淨
2018.08.23 Transcend Delusion and Teach the Dharma 出離妄惑 安隱說法
2018.08.22 Cultivating Peace and Joy 善修安樂 體佛心智
2018.08.21 Stopping Transgressions of Speech 修戒定慧 杜口說過
2018.08.20 Practice Speech That Brings Peace and Joy 不說他過 口安樂行
2018.08.17 Teaching the Dharma While Abiding in Peace and Joy 欲說是經 應住安樂
2018.08.16 Peacefully Abide in the Buddha-nature 修習諸法 安住佛性
2018.08.15 Eliminating Sentient Beings' Unwholesome Ways 除不善法 置之善處
2018.08.14 The Tathagata-nature Remains Hidden by Our Bonds 心體真性如來 藏在纏中
2018.08.13 A Tranquil and Still Mind Awakens upon the Path 心體寂靜 真諦覺道
2018.08.10 Firmly Upholding the Precepts 修堅固戒 安住不動
2018.08.09 Phenomena Arise and Cease with Karmic Conditions 觀一切法 因緣生滅
2018.08.08 The Dharma-nature is Empty and Still 一切諸 法空無所有
2018.08.07 The Emptiness of All Phenomena 一切法空 無常無斷
2018.08.06 The Principle of One Reality 諸法異名 皆實一理
2018.08.03 Conditioned and Unconditioned, Real and Unreal 有為無為 實不實法
2018.08.02 Bodhisattvas Draw Near to Virtuous Friends 修菩薩行 親近善友
2018.08.01 Turning the Wondrous Dharma-Wheel 無畏之德 轉妙法輪
2018.07.31 Abandon Evil and Draw Near to Goodness 五欲招苦 離惡近善
2018.07.30 Distancing Ourselves from All Evil 遠離諸惡 親近善友
2018.07.27 Thinking Meticulously of Eliminating Afflictions 細思除惱 重頌勸示
2018.07.26 The Nature of All Phenomena Is Stillness 一切諸法 性自寂滅
2018.07.25 Carefully Contemplating Principles and States 慎思理相 照物無染
2018.07.24 Emptiness Is Without Appearance and Beyond Words 虛空無相 語言道斷
2018.07.23 Replete with the Three Studies and Six Paramitas 三學齊備 六度行因
2018.07.20 Drawing Near to Virtuous Friends 遠離諸惡 親近善友
2018.07.19 Young People Are Frivolous and Impetuous 年少輕躁 道業難貫
2018.07.18 Suffering Arises from Defiled Affections 染情生苦 宜修淨戒
2018.07.17 Desires Harm Our Will to Practice 欲想害道 九想治之
2018.07.16 Carefully Contemplate Causes and Conditions 因緣慎思 離劣攀緣
2018.07.13 Teaching the Dharma in Suitable Ways 四種不近 隨宜說法
2018.07.12 Right Wisdom Leads to Right Practice 正智正行 不近外道
2018.07.11 Cultivating the One Mind and the Three Directives 應修一心 三軌四忍
2018.07.10 Observing the True Appearance of All Dharma 法無所行 觀如實相
2018.07.09 Abiding in the Ground of Patience 能行之人 住忍辱地
2018.07.06 Abiding Peacefully in Four Methods 欲說是經 安住四法
2018.07.05 The Practice of Bringing Peace and Joy 身心輕安 名安樂行
2018.07.04 From Upholding the Sutra to Peace and Joy 勸持結成 啟安樂行
2018.07.03 Sacrificing Their Lives and Enduring Hardships 念佛告敕 徇身忍難
2018.07.02 Endure Evil with the Armor of Patience 為法忍惡 著忍辱鎧
2018.06.29 The Power of Samadhi and the Four Practices 以三昧力 勤行四修
2018.06.28 Slander from People with Deviant Views 出彼邪見 謗毀弘經
2018.06.27 Falsely Claiming to Be Aranyas 假名練若 自譽蔑他
2018.06.26 Entering the World without Fear of Evil 惡世比丘 邪智諂曲
2018.06.25 Enduring the Evil World of Five Turbidities 恐怖惡世 當忍諸惡
2018.06.22 The Buddha's MIghty Power Protects Us from Afar 藉佛威力 遙見守護
2018.06.21 The Buddha's Intent and the Bodhisattvas' Vows 敬順聖意 滿弘誓願
2018.06.20 Taking Up the Intent behind the Buddha's Gaze 承佛目視 待佛教敕
2018.06.19 Reaching the State of Non-Retreating 心不生滅 得不退轉
2018.06.18 Ties of Love Linger over Lifetimes 情絲繫縛 生世難斷
2018.06.15 Yasodhara Receives a Prediction of Infinite Life 耶輸受記 佛壽無量
2018.06.14 The Enlightened Nature is Equal in All Beings 如法修持 覺性平等
2018.06.13 The Practice of Loving-Kindness and Patience 修慈忍 眾生喜見
2018.06.12 The Bhiksunis Attain the Buddha's Predictions 尼首示意 眾得佛記
2018.06.11 The Bhiksunis Peacefully Abided in the Path 尼眾安道 祈佛授記
2018.06.08 Many in the Saha World Are Corrupted By Evil 娑婆國中 人多弊惡
2018.06.07 Vows to Go to Different Lands 力未足發願他方
2018.06.06 Summoning Up Great Patience to Transform Beings 難可教化 當起大忍
2018.06.06 Summoning Up Great Patience to Transform Beings 難可教化 當起大忍