2019.12.13 Ep. 0072 Enter the Samadhi of Infinite Meanings 入於無量義處三昧
2019.12.13 Ep. 0071 The Buddha Taught the Infinite Mahayana Dharma 佛說無量大乘之法
2019.12.12 Ep. 0070 Initiate the Opportunity to Request Teachings 啟機請法 聞教當機
2019.12.12 Ep. 0069 Enlightened Sentient Beings 覺有情者
2019.12.11 Ep. 0068 The Dharma Is Passed Down to Nurture All 法之傳世 慈育萬有
2019.12.11 Ep. 0067 The Buddha's Path to Enlightenment 入佛門中 學正覺道
2019.12.10 Ep. 0066 Uphold Great Vows to Bring Joy to All 持弘誓願無樂不與
2019.12.10 Ep. 0065 A Bodhisattva Exercises Compassion and Wisdom 菩薩悲智雙運
2019.12.09 Ep. 0064 Exercise Compassion and Wisdom Simultaneously 啟慈用慧悲智雙運
2019.12.09 Ep. 0063 Bodhisattvas Are Enlightened Sentient Beings 菩薩度生覺有情
2019.12.06 Ep. 0062 Train with Kindness to Penetrate Buddha-wisdom 以慈修身 善入佛慧
2019.12.06 Ep. 0061 Planting Roots of Virtue 於諸佛所 植眾德本
2019.12.05 Ep. 0060 The Four Kinds of Unobstructed Eloquence 四無礙辯才
2019.12.05 Ep. 0059 Vow to Practice without Retreating 發心修行不退轉
2019.12.04 Ep. 0058 Like a Cloud, Great Loving-Kindness Nourishes All 大慈如雲 遍正行道
2019.12.04 Ep. 0057 Great Vows Extend in All Ten Directions 菩薩宏願遍十方
2019.12.03 Ep. 0056 Remain in Realization, Never Retreat 恆覺不退菩提心
2019.12.03 Ep. 0055 Wholeheartedly Seek the Path 一心求道擁護佛法
2019.12.02 Ep. 0054 Practice and Perfect Precepts, Samadhi, Wisdom 修習圓滿戒定慧
2019.12.02 Ep. 0053 Rahula, Son of the Buddha 佛子羅睺羅
2019.11.28 Ep. 0050 Cow-Herder Nanda and Sundarananda 牧牛難陀孫陀羅難陀
2019.11.28 Ep. 0049 Vakkula and Mahakausthila 薄拘羅摩訶拘絺羅
2019.11.27 Ep. 0048 Revata and Pilindavatsa 離婆多畢陵伽婆蹉
2019.11.27 Ep. 0047 Kapphina and Gavampati 劫賓那憍梵波提
2019.11.26 Ep. 0046 Mahakatyayana and Aniruddha 摩訶迦旃延阿[少/(兔)樓馱
2019.11.26 Ep. 0045 Sariputra and Maudgalyayana 舍利弗目犍連尊者
2019.11.25 Ep. 0044 The Three Venerable Kasyapas 三迦葉尊者
2019.11.25 Ep. 0043 The Venerable Mahakasyapa 摩訶迦葉尊者
2019.11.21 Ep. 0040 Benefitting Ourselves and Others, We Are at Ease 自利利他 心得自在
2019.11.21 Ep. 0039 Sever All Bonds of Existence 盡諸有結 因果盡亡
2019.11.20 LS. 0037 Do Not Allow Ignorance to Cause Leaks 莫讓癡念 開諸漏門
2019.11.20 Ep. 0038 Considering Virtues and Benefiting Others 忖己德行 忖己利他
2019.11.19 Ep. 0036 Discipline Your Mind to Eliminate Ignorance 內心自治去無明
2019.11.19 Ep. 0035 Destroy Delusions with Precepts, Samadhi, Wisdom 戒定慧破見思惑
2019.11.18 Ep. 0034 Realization of the Lotus Sutra Leads to Pure Bodhi 會道法華淨菩提
2019.11.18 Ep. 0033 Vow to Be Blessed-field Monastics 志為福田僧
2019.11.15 Ep. 0032 Evil-ender, Demon-scarer and Almsman 破惡 怖魔 乞士
2019.11.15 Ep. 0031 Transform Afflictions into Bodhi 轉煩惱成菩提
2019.11.14 Ep. 0030 Great Teachings, Great Dharma, Great Practices 受大教 修大法 行大道
2019.11.14 Ep. 0029 Origin of City of the House of Kings (3) 王舍城的由來(三)
2019.11.13 Ep. 0028 Origin of City of the House of Kings (2) 王舍城的由來(二)
2019.11.13 Ep. 0027 Origin of City of the House of Kings (1) 王舍城的由來(一)
2019.11.12 Ep. 0026 All Sentient Beings Have Buddha-Nature 眾生皆有佛性
2019.11.12 Ep. 0025 Fulfillment of Host 主成就
2019.11.11 Ep. 0024 The Fulfillment of Time 時成就
2019.11.11 Ep. 0023 Wondrous Dharma of True Suchness 真如實相的妙法
2019.11.08 Ep. 0022 The Fulfillment of Hearing 聞成就
2019.11.08 Ep. 0021 Eliminate Dust to Reveal the Light 真如性顯 塵去光現
2019.11.07 Ep. 0020 With Faith, Enter the Sea of the Buddha-Dharma 佛法大海 信為能入
2019.11.07 Ep. 0019 Value the Convergence of Causes and Conditions 重視因緣會合
2019.11.06 Ep. 0018 Thus have I heard 如是我聞
2019.11.06 Ep. 0017 How Venerable Ananda Eliminated Delusions 阿難尊者 斷惑因緣
2019.11.05 Ep. 0015 Follow the Buddha’s Bequeathed Teachings 遵佛遺教
2019.11.04 Ep. 0014 Wondrous Dharma Cures Sentient Beings 妙法如藥療眾病
2019.11.04 Ep. 0013 Prajna, True Emptiness, Wondrous Existence 般若智慧真空妙有
2019.11.01 Ep. 0011 He Came to the Saha World to Transform All Beings 為度眾生來去娑婆
2019.11.01 Ep. 0012 Wondrous Dharma Adapts to Times and Conditions 妙法隨順時代機緣
2019.10.31 Ep. 0010 Five Periods of Teachings Based on Capabilities 五時設教應根機
2019.10.31 Ep. 0009 Dharma-nature is Everlasting and Endless 法性延綿不斷
2019.10.30 Ep. 0008 The Universe is Endless, the Dharma Ever-present 宇宙無邊 諸法源遠
2019.10.30 Ep. 0007 Jing Si Is Like the Wondrous Lotus, Pure and Clear 靜思清澄妙蓮華
2019.10.29 Ep. 0006 Lotus Sutra Preface (5) 法華經序(四)
2019.10.29 Ep. 0005 Lotus Sutra Preface (4) 法華經序(四)
2019.10.28 Ep. 0004 Lotus Sutra Preface (3) 法華經序(三)
2019.10.28 Ep. 0003 Wholeheartedly Seek and Pass on the Dharma 求法傳法一念心
2019.10.25 Ep. 0002 Lotus Sutra Preface (2) 靜思妙蓮華-法華經序(二)
2019.10.25 Ep. 0001 Lotus Sutra Preface (1) 靜思妙蓮華-法華經序(一)
2019.10.24 Pure Roots Reflect a Pure State 以清淨根 照清淨境
2019.10.23 Upholding the Sutra with the Power of Vows 持經願力 善巧應機
2019.10.22 The Pure Six Roots and the Mark of Purity 淨六根力 得如是相
2019.10.21 Understanding All Dharma and Sentient Beings 善解諸法善知眾生
2019.10.18 Engraving the Sutra on Our Mind Through Practice 行經於道以經印心
2019.10.17 Uniting Our Mind with Principles 理與心會 通達徹相
2019.10.16 The Wondrous Mind-Root Is Clear and Undefiled 妙意根淨 明利無濁
2019.10.15 A Mirror-Like Mind That Is Undefiled 如鏡鑑像無染著心
2019.10.14 With a Pure Mind We Follow the Right Dharma 意根清淨皆順正法
2019.10.11 Never Going Against the Ultimate Truth 諸所說法不違實相
2019.10.10 Fully Comprehending Meanings and Principles 不迷現境 通達義理
2019.10.09 Using Worldly Matters to Train the Mind 藉事練心 持法修身
2019.10.08 The Essence and Body of the Dharma 萬法之體 法性妙身
2019.10.07 Undefiled, Pure and Flawless 無垢清淨無漏實相
2019.10.04 All Buddhas Will Manifest in Our Own Body 於自身中現諸佛身
2019.10.03 Reflecting All Appearances Like a Clear Mirror 如淨明鏡 照現諸相
2019.10.02 We Purify Our Body by Upholding the Lotus Sutra 持法華者 其身清淨
2019.10.01 The Dharma Arises from Causes and Conditions 因緣生法 隨根機說
2019.09.30 Suffering and Joy Manifest Within the Body 苦樂之境悉於身現
2019.09.27 The Arising and Ceasing of Karmic Conditions 因缘生滅慎思善惡
2019.09.26 Attaining a Pure Crystal-Clear Body 得清淨身 如淨琉璃
2019.09.25 Cultivating Merits to Attain a Flawless Body 修功養德 身無過失
2019.09.24 The Merits of the Tongue-Root 喜傳法樂舌根功德
2019.09.23 Joyfully Listening to the Dharma Opens the Mind 歡喜聞法心開意解
2019.09.20 Skillfully Teaching the Wondrous Dharma 舌根善淨巧說妙法
2019.09.19 The Profound and Wondrous Dharma-Sound 深妙法音 舌根利益
2019.09.18 All Draw Near to Listen to the Dharma 為聽法故 皆來親近
2019.09.17 The Tongue Proclaims the Dharma's Principles 舌能說法理無窮盡
2019.09.16 Like Drinking Ambrosial Dew 入此法門 如飲甘露
2019.09.13 Buddhas and Bodhisattvas Manifest Everywhere Buddhas and Bodhisattvas Manifest Everywhere 在在處處示現有生
2019.09.12 Advancing with Diligence and Courage 精進勇猛 滿善為業
2019.09.11 Uniting the Provisional and the True As One 權實一體 華果同時
2019.09.10 Embracing the Fruits of the Seeds We Sow 受因攬果 苦樂心造