慈濟詞彙 Tzu Chi Glossary
 First Edition, published August 8, 2018
 Published by the Dharma As Water team, Tzu Chi USA
 ©Tzu Chi USA. All rights reserved.    
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1. 佛教詞彙 Buddhist Terms      
  予樂   give joy  
  五力   Five Powers  
  五根   Five Roots  
  佛性   Buddha-nature  
  供養   offering  
  修行   spiritual practice, spiritual cultivation
  凡夫   unenlightened beings, ordinary people
  助念   chanting service  
  合掌   palms together  
  問訊   perform the Mudra bow
  居士   lay practitioners  
  悅眾   instrument player  
  拔苦   relieve suffering  
  正信   right faith  
  正命   right livelihood  
  正定   right concentration  
  正念   right mindfulness  
  正業   right action  
  正法   right Dharma  
  正見   right views  
  正語   right speech  
  法脈   Dharma-lineage  
  法親   Dharma-Relatives  
  法雨   Dharma-rain  
  無明   ignorance  
  煩惱   afflictions  
  眾生   sentient beings  
  維那   karmadana  
  總持   retain and uphold  
  繞佛   circumambulating the Buddha, walking meditation
  習氣   habitual tendencies  
  蒲團   meditation cushions  
  頂禮   prostrate  
  七菩提   Seven Factors of Bodhi
  三問訊   three bows  
  三寶:   Three Treasures:  
  ○ 佛   ○ the Buddha  
  ○ 法   ○ the Dharma  
  ○ 僧   ○ the Sangha  
  三皈依   the Three Refuges, taking refuge in the Three Treasures
  五毒:   Five Poisons:  
  ○ 貪   ○ greed  
  ○ 瞋   ○ anger  
  ○ 癡   ○ ignorance  
  ○ 慢   ○ arrogance  
  ○ 疑   ○ doubt  
  佛教旗   the Buddhist flag  
  佛法僧   the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha
  分別智   discerning wisdom  
  四念處   Fourfold Mindfulness  
  四正勤   Four Right Efforts  
  回向偈   Chant for Dedicating Merits
  大懺悔   great repentance  
  平等慧   impartial wisdom  
  悅眾師   instrument player-master
  正思惟   right thinking  
  正精進   right effort  
  毘盧印   Vairocana Mudra  
  法華經   Lotus Sutra  
  維那師   Karmadana-master  
  菩提心   Bodhicitta  
  菩提道   Bodhi-path  
  菩薩道   Bodhisattva-path  
  讚佛偈   Chant of Praise to the Buddha
  靈鷲山   Vulture Peak  
  人生無常   life is impermanent  
  依教奉行   practice according to the teachings
  八正道:   Eightfold Noble Path:
  ○ 正見   ○ Right Views  
  ○ 正思維   ○ Right Thinking  
  ○ 正語   ○ Right Speech  
  ○ 正業   ○ Right Action  
  ○ 正命   ○ Right Livelihood  
  ○ 正精進   ○ Right Effort  
  ○ 正念   ○ Right Mindfulness  
  ○ 正定   ○ Right Samadhi  
  四如意足   Four Bases of Fulfilling Power
  四聖諦:   Four Noble Truths:  
  ○ 苦   ○ the truth of suffering
  ○ 集   ○ the truth of causation
  ○ 滅   ○ the truth of cessation
  ○ 道   ○ the truth of the Path
  因緣果報   causes, conditions, effects and retributions,
the karmic law of cause and effect
  如來家業   the Tathagata's family bussiness, Buddha’s mission
  德者得也   with virtue comes attainment
  慈悲喜捨   loving-kindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity
  無量義經   Sutra of Infinite Meanings
  生老病死   birth, aging, illness, and death
  發心立願   form aspirations and make vows
  眾生共業   sentient beings' collective karma
  苦集滅道   the truth of suffering,
the truth of causation,
the truth of cessation,
and the truth of the Path (Four Noble Truths)
  菩薩道場   Bodhisattva training ground
  開示悟入   open, reveal, realize and enter
  防非止惡   guard against wrongs and put a stop to evil
  隨喜功德   rejoicing in other’s merits
  靈山法會   Vulture Peak Dharma-assembly, Vulture Peak Assembly
  一切唯心造   all things are created by the mind
  一大事因緣   one great cause  
  六波羅蜜:   Six Paramitas:  
  ○ 布施   ○ giving  
  ○ 持戒   ○ upholding precepts  
  ○ 忍辱   ○ patience  
  ○ 精進   ○ diligence  
  ○ 禪定   ○ Samadhi  
  ○ 智慧   ○ wisdom  
  向法師行禮   pay respect to the Dharma Master
  四弘誓願:   Four Great Vows:  
  ○ 眾生無邊誓願度   ○ I vow to deliver countless sentient beings
  ○ 煩惱無盡誓願斷   ○ I vow to eliminate endless afflictions
  ○ 法門無量誓願學   ○ I vow to learn infinite Dharma-doors
  ○ 佛道無上誓願成   ○ I vow to attain unsurpassed Buddhahood
  四無量心:   Four Infinite Minds:  
  ○ 慈   ○ loving-kindness  
  ○ 悲   ○ compassion  
  ○ 喜   ○ joy  
  ○ 捨   ○ equanimity  
  四眾弟子:   four kinds of Buddhist disciples:
  ○ 比丘   ○ Bhiksu (male monastics)
  ○ 比丘尼   ○ Bhiksuni (female monastics)
  ○ 優婆塞   ○ Upasaka (male lay practitioners)
  ○ 優婆夷   ○ Upasika (female lay practitioners)
  柔和忍辱衣   Clothing of Gentleness and Patience
  殊勝之因緣   extraordinary causes and conditions
  清淨的本性   our pure intrinsic nature
  菩提大直道   the great, direct Bodhi-path
  觀世音菩薩   Guanyin Bodhisattva  
  貪瞋癡慢疑   greed, anger, ignorance, arrogance, and doubt
  三十七助道品   Thirty-Seven Practices to Enlightenment 
  南無阿彌陀佛   Namo Amitabha Buddha
  人身難得今已得   Human existence is difficult to attain,
but we have already attained it.
  南無釋迦牟尼佛   Namo Sakyamuni Buddha
  一日不作、一日不食   a day without work is a day without food
  世間無常,國土危脆   The world is impermanent; the land is perilously fragile.
  蠢動含靈皆有佛性   all living beings have Buddha-nature
  心、佛、眾生   the mind, the Buddha, and sentient beings
三無差別 are no different in their nature
  心包太虛   a heart that encompasses the universe and
量周沙界 embraces the boundless worlds within it
  無緣大慈   unconditional loving-kindness,
同體大悲 universal compassion
  總一切法   retain all teachings and
持一切善 uphold all goodness  
  供養佛   offering to the Buddha,
供養法 offering to the Dharma,
供養僧 offering to the Sangha,
供養一切眾生 offering to all sentient beings
  欲知前世因   To know what you have done in your previous lives,
今生受者是 look at what you receive in this life;
欲知來世果 to know what will happen to you in a future life,
今生做者是 look at what you do in this life.
  已生惡令速斷   Quickly eliminate evil that has already arisen;
未生惡令不生 prevent from arising evil that has not arisen;
未生善令速生 quickly give rise to goodness not yet arisen;
已生善令增長 and nurture any goodness that has already arisen.
2. 佛經經文 Sutra Quotes      
  靜寂清澄,志玄虛漠   With minds tranquil and clear, vows vast as the universe,
守之不動,億百千劫 they remain unwavering for countless kalpas.
無量法門,悉現在前 Infinite Dharma-doors readily appear in front of them.
得大智慧,通達諸法 They attain great wisdom and completely understand all Dharma. 
3. 證嚴上人法語 Dharma Master Cheng Yen's Teaching  
  清流   stream of purity  
  不請之師   unsummoned teachers
  人間菩薩   living Bodhisattva  
  佛心師志   Take the Buddha’s heart as our own heart;
take the Master’s missions as our own missions.
  修心養性   cultivating our mind, refining our character
  做就對了   just do it  
  內修外行   inner cultivation and external practice
  善的循環   virtuous circle of goodness
  淨化人心   bringing purity to people’s hearts
  福慧雙修   cultivate both blessings and wisdom
  禮儀之美   the beauty of etiquette
  自愛愛人   have love for ourselves and love others
  誠正信實   sincerity, integrity, faith, and steadfastness.
  輕安自在   peaceful and free  
  感恩、尊重、愛   gratitude, respect, and love
  清淨在源頭   purity begins at the source (regarding
environmental protection and our intrinsic nature)
  無私的大愛   selfless Great Love  
  生命共同體   all lives are interconnected and interdependent
  做中學,學中覺   learn by doing and awaken through learning
  廣招人間菩薩   recruiting living Bodhisattvas
  慈濟四神湯:   Tzu Chi’s Four-Ingredient Spiritual Soup:
  ○ 知足   ○ contentment  
  ○ 感恩   ○ gratitude  
  ○ 善解   ○ understanding  
  ○ 包容   ○ forgiveness  
  為佛教、為眾生   for Buddha’s teachings, for sentient beings
  預約人間淨土   working to create a pure Land in this world
  發心容易   It is easy to form an aspiration,
恆心難 but it is hard to persevere in it.
  心中有佛   the Buddha in our hearts
行中有法 and the Dharma in our actions
  把握當下   seize the moment  
恆持剎那 and maintain your resolve forever
  教富濟貧   teaching the rich to help the poor,
濟貧教富 helping the poor to realize their riches
  龍口含珠   a dragon holding a pearl,
鳳頭飲水 a phoenix sipping water
  以戒為制度   organize with the precepts
以愛為管理 and manage with love
  團體的美   The beauty of an organization
就是美在個人 lies in the beauty of its individual members.
  青山無所爭   The green mountain has no conflict with anything;
福田用心耕 mindfully cultivate the field of blessings.
  以佛心為己心   Take the Buddha’s heart as our own heart;
以師志為己志 take the Master’s missions as our own missions.
  口說好話   speak good words,  
身行好事 do good deeds,  
心想好意 and think good thoughts
  站如松   stand like a pine tree,
坐如鐘 sit like a bell,  
行如風 walk Like the wind,  
臥如弓 lie down like a bow  
  靜思法脈勤行道   The Jing Si Dharma-lineage is a path of diligent spiritual practice;
慈濟宗門人間路 the Tzu Chi School of Buddhism Is a road through the world.
  淨化人心   May all people’s hearts be purified,
祥和社會 may all societies be in harmony,
天下無災無難 and may the world be free of disasters.
  普天之下沒有我不愛的人   In this world, there is no one I do not love,
沒有我不原諒的人 no one I do not trust,  
沒有我不信任的人 and no one I cannot forgive.
  立體琉璃同心圓   Work together like a perfect translucent sphere of crystal.
菩提林立同根生 The forest of Bodhi trees flourishes from the same root.
隊組合心耕福田 Harmoniously cultivate the field of blessings, and
慧根深植菩薩道 deeply plant the roots of wisdom on the Bodhisattva-path.
4. 慈濟詞彙 Tzu Chi Terms      
  共修   group study  
  培訓   certification training  
  大愛   great love  
  委員   Tzu Chi Commissioners
  會徽   Tzu Chi Logo  
  會歌   Tzu Chi Anthem  
  本分   fundamental responsibility
  榮董   honorary board member
  見習   introductory training  
  供養歌   Song of Offering  
  宗教處   Department of Religious Affairs
  感恩歌   Song of Gratitude  
  慈誠隊   Tzu Chi Faith Corps  
  人品典範   virtuous role models  
  個案訪視   case visit  
  募心募愛   inspiring hearts, inspiring love
  四大八法   four missions and eight Dharma footprints
  委員旗袍   Commissioner's traditional Chinese dress
  學佛行儀   basic conduct of a Buddhist practitioner
  居家關懷   in-home care  
  心靈關懷   spiritual care and support
  志工背心   volunteer vest  
  急難救助   emergency relief  
  慈善訪視   charity visit  
  慈濟人文   Tzu Chi’s humanistic culture
  慈濟制服   Tzu Chi uniform  
  慈濟十戒   Tzu Chi’s Ten Precepts
  慈濟名牌   Tzu Chi name badge  
  慈濟宗門   Tzu Chi School of Buddhism
  慈濟志業   Tzu Chi’s missions  
  慈濟志言   Tzu Chi's mission statement
  慈濟會徽   Tzu Chi Foundation Logo
  慈濟月刊   Tzu Chi Monthly  
  慈濟精神   Tzu Chi spirit  
  慈濟語彙   Tzu Chi glossary  
  環保意識   environmental consciousness
  禮佛行儀   basic Buddhist etiquette
  護法金剛   Adamantine Dharma-protectors
  迷你袈裟   volunteer vest  
  靜思晨語   Wisdom at Dawn  
  靜思法脈   The Jing Si Dharma-lineage
  靜思精舍   Jing Si Abode  
  一步八法印   one step, eight Dharma footprints
  三合一志工   documentation volunteer
  功能幹事:   functional team leads:
  ○ 人事幹事   ○ HR team lead  
  ○ 人文幹事   ○ culture team lead  
  ○ 公關幹事   ○ PR team lead  
  ○ 培育幹事   ○ training team lead  
  ○ 急難幹事   ○ disaster relief team lead
  ○ 慈少幹事   ○ Youth Group (Tzu Shao) team lead
  ○ 慈青幹事   ○ Collegiage Group (Tzu Ching) team lead
  ○ 手語幹事   ○ Sign Language team lead
  ○ 榮董幹事   ○ Honorary Board Member team lead
  ○ 活動幹事   ○ Activity team lead  
  ○ 環保幹事   ○ Environmental Protection team lead
  ○ 秘書幹事   ○ Secretary team lead
  ○ 精進幹事   ○ Spiritual team lead  
  ○ 總務幹事   ○ General Affairs team lead
  ○ 視聽幹事   ○ media team officers
  ○ 訪視幹事   ○ Case Visit team lead
  ○ 財務幹事   ○ Finance team lead  
  ○ 醫療幹事   ○ Medical team lead  
  ○ 香積幹事   ○ Culinary team lead  
  ○ 人文真善美幹事   ○ Documentation team lead
  受證誓願文   certification vow  
  委員八正道   Commissioner's Eightfold Noble Path dress
  慈濟十誡:   Tzu Chi's Ten Precepts:
  ○ 不殺生   ○ No killing  
  ○ 不偷盜   ○ No stealing  
  ○ 不邪淫   ○ No sexual misconduct
  ○ 不妄語   ○ No lying  
  ○ 不飲酒   ○ No drinking  
  ○ 不抽菸、不吸毒、不嚼檳榔   ○ No smoking, using narcotics, or chewing betel nuts
  ○ 不賭博、不投機取巧   ○ No gambling or speculation
  ○ 孝順父母、調和聲色   ○ Practice filial piety and develop pleasant manners and speech
  ○ 遵守交通規則   ○ Abide by traffic laws
  ○ 不參與政治活動、示威遊行   ○ No participation in political events or demonstrations
  拜法華經序   Paying Respect to the Preface to the Lotus Sutra
  減少碳足跡   reducing our carbon footprint
  賑災原則:   principles of disaster relief:
  ○ 直接   ○ directness  
  ○ 重點   ○ priority  
  ○ 尊重   ○ respect  
  ○ 務實   ○ practicality  
  ○ 及時   ○ timeliness  
  上印下順上人   Venerable Master Yin Shun
  合和互協會議   4-in-1 meeting, volunteer team meeting
  委員慈誠培訓   volunteer certification training
  弱勢家庭濟助   material assistance to needy families
  慈濟四物湯:   Tzu Chi’s Four-Ingredient Operational Soup:
  ○ 合心   ○ Unity  
  ○ 和氣   ○ Harmony  
  ○ 互愛   ○ Mutual Love  
  ○ 協力   ○ Concerted Effort  
  慈濟面霜――微笑   Tzu Chi Facial Cream—a smile
  戶無量、福無量   countless members, infinite blessings
  啟發人的良能   foster people’s pure potential
  晨鐘起,薰法香   waking up to the fragrance of Dharma
(listening to Master's teachings in the morning)
  四法四門四合一   the four Dharma-doors of the Four-in-One structure
  克己、克勤、克儉、克難   disciplined, diligent, frugal, and resilient
  尊重生命、肯定人性   respect for life and faith in human nature
  捐髓救人,無損己身   saving a life without hurting the donor
  法船,代表慈航普渡   the Dharma-ship represents the ship of compassion
with which one can deliver all people from suffering
  人品典範   being a mode of refinement and character,
文史流芳 passing on a legacy of love
  以人為本   providing people-centered medical care
以病為師 that respects patients as teachers
  佛教克難慈濟功德會   Buddhist Tzu Chi Merit Association
  慈濟骨髓幹細胞中心   Tzu Chi Marrow Donor Registry
  教之以禮   teaching with propriety,
育之以德 educating with virtue
  里仁為美   creating beautiful communities
守望相助 by supporting and caring for each other 
  四大志業 八大腳印:   Four Missions and Eight Dharma Footprints:
  ○ 慈善   ○ charity  
  ○ 醫療   ○ medicine  
  ○ 教育   ○ education  
  ○ 人文   ○ humanistic culture  
  ○ 國際賑災   ○ international disaster relief
  ○ 骨髓捐贈   ○ bone marrow transplantation
  ○ 環保   ○ environmental protection
  ○ 社區志工   ○ community volunteerism
  大愛地球村   spreading Great Love in the global village,
真情膚苦難 relieving suffering through genuine affection
  品德教育   education in virtue,  
生活教育 education for life,  
全人教育 and education of the entire person
  用鼓掌的雙手做環保   using our clapping hands to do recycling work,
讓垃圾變黃金,黃金變愛心 turning garbage into gold and gold into love
5. 慈濟歌曲 Tzu Chi Songs      
  問心   Asking My Heart  
  大愛   Great Love  
  方向   Direction  
  用心   Be Mindful  
  祈禱   Prayer  
  膚慰   Comfort and Care  
  一家人   One Family  
  一念心   A Single Thought  
  傳心燈   Passing the Heart’s Lamp
  想師豆   Seeds of Remembrance
  慈濟人   Tzu Chi Volunteers  
  立願文   Gratitude to the Buddha & Tzu Chi
  人間有愛   Love in the World  
  大地和風   The Power of the Earth
  大愛無邊   Boundless Great Love
  幸福的臉   Happiness  
  愛和關懷   Love and Care for All  
  愛灑人間   Love Heals the World
  慈濟路上   On the Tzu Chi Path  
  慈誠隊歌   Tzu Chi Faith Corps Song
  普天三無   The Spirit of Great Love
  淨如琉璃   Clear as Crystal  
  白袍禮讚   Ode to the Doctors  
  讀靜思語   Reading the Jing Si Aphorisms
  青山無爭   Green Mountains Do Not Fight
  人人做環保   Everyone Protects the Environment
  最美的笑容   The Most Beautiful Smile
  只牽你的手   Let Me Take Your Hand
  地球的孩子   Children of the Earth  
  慈悲的心路   The Path of Compassion
  拉車向前行   Pulling the Cart Forward
  柔和忍辱衣   The Clothing of Gentleness and Patience
  溫暖滿人間   A World Filled With Warmth
  讓愛傳出去   Give Love  
  在第六對相遇   Meet in the Sixth Pair
  一個乾淨的地球   A Clean Planet  
  揮灑人生的彩筆   Sprinkle the Colors of Life
  大愛讓世界亮起來   Love Illuminates the World
  生生世世都在菩提中   Time and Time Again, Awakening
  慈濟大專青年聯誼會會歌   Tzu Ching Anthem